Social 30 Edmonton South

Social 30 Edmonton South*

* While this course is primarily designed for 30-1 students, 30-2 students are also welcomed. We provide customized 30-2 learning materials and differentiated instruction, just choose "30-2" when registering.


Register early – classroom seats 36 students. (smaller class size)

Instructor: Kevin Heppell

Price: $119 prepaid OR $130 pay at the door
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Location: Terwillegar Rec Centre

Course Schedule

Class Date Location Teacher
Class 1 Friday January 10 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm Terwillegar Rec Centre MPR B Kevin Heppell
Class 2 Saturday January 11 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Terwillegar Rec Centre MPR B Kevin Heppell
Class 3 Sunday January 12 12:00 pm - 5:15 pm Terwillegar Rec Centre MPR B Kevin Heppell

Topic Timeline

Class Number Topic Covered
Class 1 During the first part of the Social 30-1 prep course we will focus on review of the main course and curricular concepts that are essential for success on both the written and multiple choice components of the Diploma Exam. As we work our way through the curriculum, special attention will be given to source analysis, with key skills and strategies being provided. Working with sources during the course review will give students important skills in concept synthesis and source analysis, both of which are essential on the diploma exam. As we progress though the course, we will work on and discuss many multiple choice exam questions. This will enable students to build important skills and strategies to hone their multiple choice skills and tailor them directly towards the ways in which Social Studies questions are frequently written. Throughout the review we will look at the historical development of liberalism and its viability as an economic ideology. We will also review the connection between liberalism and pol
Class 2 Class 2 is a continuation from Class 1. See above description
Class 3 The last session of the course will focus directly on the two 30-1 writing assignments. As both writing assignments use sources as prompts, we will review the student expectations for each task. We will practice the skills of interpreting sources as well as identifying the relationships that exist between them. For assignment II, we will practice the skill of identifying an ideological perspective and making this analysis the foundation of the argumentative essay. We will do a general review of political and economic liberalism as students need to connect their writings to this ideology. We will also do an in-depth examination of the categories on the scoring guides and we will take a critical look at some pieces of writing in order to determine what constitutes excellent (and not so excellent) diploma exam writing.

Kevin Heppell
B.A - University of Alberta (History and English) 2006
B.Ed - University of Alberta (Social Studies and German) 2009

Kevin is a young, engaging and effective teacher in Parkland School Division #70, who teaches both German language courses and social studies at Spruce Grove Composite High School. He earned his B.A at the University of Alberta, majoring in world history with a special interest in the history of the British Empire and imperialism in the 19th Century. Kevin has a special interest in teaching critical thought to his students and especially enjoys teaching the history and philosophies within the Social Studies 30 curriculum. He has spent considerable time living and traveling throughout Central Europe and has partaken in a number of PD events in Europe alongside teachers of German and History from around the globe. Humour, technology and insight are aspects which infuse every lesson of Kevin's, as he works to connect students to social studies through the exploration of contemporary case studies and ideological perspectives.

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