Social 30 Calgary North

Social 30 North Calgary*

* While this course is primarily designed for 30-1 students, 30-2 students are also welcomed. We provide customized 30-2 learning materials and differentiated instruction, just choose "30-2" when registering.


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Early Bird pricing in effect until November 15th ($109 per course - prepaid only. After November 15th the prepaid price will be $119) Prices will be more for extended length courses. Click the course buttons below for more information about each course.

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Instructor: Jim Price

Price: $109 prepaid OR $130 pay at the door

Location: SAIT Polytechnic - Stan Grad Centre

Course Schedule (4 classes 15.5 hours)

Class Date Location Teacher
Class 1 Friday January 11 6:15 pm - 9:30 pm SAIT - Stan Grad Centre TBA Jim Price
Class 2 Saturday January 12 10:00 am - 3:45 pm SAIT - Stan Grad Centre TBA Jim Price
Class 3 Sunday January 13 10:00 am - 3:45 pm SAIT - Stan Grad Centre TBA Jim Price

Topic Timeline

Class Number Topic Covered
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3

Phil Bruno
Calgary Board of Education

Phil Bruno has been a dedicated High School Teacher for 13 years. He has had his entire career dedicated to teaching Social Studies at all levels. Phil has taught the 30 level for the last 7 years and has also marked the Diploma Exams for the last 6 years. While teaching at William Aberhart, Phil has helped develop the program for the “New” Social curriculum. In class, Phil believes in supporting concepts with solid real life examples to help the students relate to the curriculum. Phil is energetic and passionate about his role in helping students achieve their full potential.

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