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APRIL 2018 Diploma Prep

At RTD we’re pleased to offer awesome spring midterm study options
We will be offering On Demand Online recordings for all courses. Click on the button above for more information.

We will also be offering an IN CLASS Prep course for Math 30-1 in Calgary
The course will take place at Petrowest Plaza, 1208 8th st sw (3rd floor) and will consist of 2 classes:
Sat April 7 and Sun Apr 8 10am – 4:30pm
Course requires adequate enrollment to run. Pre-registration is required, seating is limited to 20 students . Parking is available


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Study Online / On-Demand

Instructional Videos

We are offering the class recordings from our Online January prep courses for only $60.

We’ll be with you every step of the way! Work through your course materials with the help of our on-demand instructional videos. See and hear every concept explained, along with every practice question from your booklets. And unlike in a regular class, you’ll be able to pause or rewind instruction, to ensure you fully comprehend before moving on.

Professionally-Developed Learning Materials

You’ll receive our comprehensive prep course materials; study guide, practice exams, and summary notes. (We’ll send by mail, or provide in PDF form) These are the same proven learning materials provided in our January / June prep classes.

Course materials include plenty of exam-style practice questions reflective of the most current exam bulletin and curriculum changes. We’ll keep you focused only on types of questions you’re most likely to see on your exam!

Here are some samples of the course materials:

Top Teachers

Expertly Designed Courses

RTD Learning instructors are experienced department heads, district curriculum leaders, Alberta Education exam consultants, and textbook authors. We recruit only the top, most highly-respected teachers to lead our reviews - and our team has delivered for Alberta students for five years. Along with subject expertise, expect a stimulating and engaging class experience - we know how to keep students on-task and learning what it takes to rock it on their diplomas.

Our specialized review course booklets are chalk-full of summary notes, exam tips, and question strategies.

Our surveys indicate that students believe their review course with us helped them succeed on the exam.

Start right away! We’ll mail out course materials as soon as you register, along with instructions to access the accompanying instructional videos

I think that Rock the diploma is awesome, I think this math course definitely helped, the only thing that sucks but is not your fault is when I learn new things that my teacher never taught and probably should've so that is a little overwhelming but I'm glad i learned it. I have done both Bio and Chem before and they both helped too.

Online Student Math 30-1 January 2018

The flexibility of the online courses is great, and I really like how the lessons are recorded and available to re watch. Thanks for all of the time and effort that is put into this course, I really appreciate it and I find this course to be a tremendous help!!

Online Student Physics 30 January 2018

I have taken several Rock the Diploma courses, and they are so helpful! I really enjoyed the online diploma prep, because the schedule worked well for me and I didn't need to commute to a specific location. I would definitely recommend Rock the Diploma in the future!

Online Student English 30-1 January 2018

I thought it was really good. I prefer the online rtd diploma prep over the rtd in class one just because you are able to rewatch the lessons if you didn't get it the first time. it's really helpful.

Online Student Math 30-2 January 2018

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